Bunglebee Yarns




Yarn Name
Bounty DK 100% Acrylic 250gms Ball £4-20
Luxury Mohair 78%Mohair/13%Wool/9%Nylon   £6-20
Soyra Unknown Fibres 500gms cone £9-50

Knit as 4 ply

Yarn Name
Acrylic (James Brett ) 100% Matt Acrylic 500gms cone £7-95
Anti-Tickle Wool 100% Wool 500gms cone £19-75
Big Value & Supreme 100% Acrylic 100gms ball 2-65
Citadella 100% Acrylic Ribbon 50gms £4-05
Cashmillion (Yoman Yarns) 100% Acrylic 500gms cone £8-55
Panama 50%Cotton / 50% Acrylic 500gms 10-85
Silk Bourett Fine Unwashed Silk 450gms £9-50

Knit as 3ply

Yarn Name
Grigna 65%Viscose/ 35%Acrylic 500gms 14-35
Sari 55%Cotton20%Linen25%Acrylic 500gms £17-10
Shamal 20% Wool / 80% Acrylic 400gms £5-99
Tibet 13% Silk 65% Merino Wool 22% Nylon 450gms £14-40

FINE & FANCY YARNS Assorted-ply

Yarn Name
2/30 Industrial 100% Matt Acrylic (80 colours) 500gms 9-00
Brittany 2ply 100% cotton 450gms £8-10
Fifty Fifty 2ply 50% wool /50%Acrylic 350gms £8-10
Fine Crepe 1ply 92% Acrylic 8% Nylon 450gms £8-95
Lurex (Fine Boucle) 65% Visc Cupro / 35% per gms 0-20
120'sPolyester Thread 100% polyester 5000 mtrs 2-35
SuperSheen 1-ply 100% Bright Acrylic 450gms £8-10

Lace & Crochet Threads


Cordonnet 80

DMC Fil a Dentelle £2-29p
DMC Babylo 30 £3-05p
DMC Pearl 12, 8,& 5 £2-29p
DMC Pearl Metallic £2-85p
DMC Petra 3 £5-65p

We also have a comprehencive selection of Second-hand Books and patterns at very reasonable prices

Mary Weaver, Kathleen Kinder, Iris Bishop. Marion Nelson, Wendy Phillips, John Allen, Brother, Knitmaster etc..

Why not come and browse

Mail Order is available for any of our Stock
Couriers or Post which ever we think is best for your parcel

If a Club, or a group of Knitters would like to use this service, you can share the cost. Delivery to one address only

We will try to give you the cheapest option where we can
No responsibility undertaken for any Goods in Transit


Tuition is designed to meet everyone's needs on general topics and/or on individual makes of machine.
In the tuition room Masks will be worn, and Perspex screens set between Student and Teacher for safety
Basic Knitting Courses

Beginners - - Advanced - - Ribbing
4 x 2 hour Lessons . Times to suit
Assorted Course. You choose which 4 lessons from each course to give you a basic knowledge over all for your needs
Cost £125 per course
Combination Course
Cost £165 for 6 Lessons

These courses can be taken at any speed you wish,
(All courses to be completed within 3 Months of the start)


Individual lessons are available at all times at your convenience on all makes & models of machines.
Single & Double Bed also various attachments. Cost:- 25-00 per hour at "Bunglebee".

Ring Brenda to Book 01293-851339

A selection of new and secondhand basic pattern and technique Books are available for you to browse through, also many back numbers of magazines.

For Yarns ~~ Books ~~ Beads ~~ Tuition ~~ Lights ~~Lace Threads & Equipments.

Extra Subjects for Tuition

1. Ribbing & Double bed work

This a technique which is very under used. To most machine knitters the term Ribbing means welts, neckbands and cuffs. To the more experienced knitter doublebed fairisle or perhaps double bed tuck stitch can be quite an adventure. In the simple stages, variations on a plain rib such as cable or racking for the welts would open up new horizons. Ribbed skirts with many different needle formations; double bed Jacquard with different textured backgrounds and Slip or Tuck stitch with special needle formations. The permutation are endless.
2. Skirts
Sideways, Panelled, Pleated & Ribbed Skirts are a few of the many ways to knit skirts and all have variations with fairisle, tuck, slip stitch and weaving added to make interesting effects.
3. Patterning by Hand Selection
This subject can be very interesting and rewarding, most people think if you have an automatic patterning device such as the punchcard or electronics that hand selection is unnecessary, this of course is quite untrue. The way to work out an automatic pattern is often done by hand selection and many other textures can be developed this way.
4.Tuck & Slip for Single & Doublebed Fabrics
This is a very interesting subject, with more detailed instruction on how to produce beautiful fabrics in Tuck & Slip stitch with advice on using them the "Cut & Sew" method.
5. Lace & Lace Effects
Understanding how to use your lace carriage and make up your own designs. The difference between the Punch/Thread Lace, Flat, Fine & Fashion Lace. The Lacey effects of needles out of work and short row knitting.
6.Creating your own Designs
This is where you learn to use Charting devices (Knitleader - Knitradar - etc), working with colour and textured Fabrics.
7. Collars, Cuffs, Neckbands & Welts
The way a garment is finished can make all the difference to it. Learn the classic & the fashion designs to make a simple garment into a stunning one.
8.Maintenance & Understanding your Machine
Learn how your machine works and looking after it is an essential part of knitting, it takes out the headaches that are caused by not knowing.
9.Cut & Sew
Cut & sew neck lines for fancy knitware, alter the size and shape with confidence. Knit your own fabrics and learn how to make stunning outfits with dressmaking patterns.
10.Attachments & Accessories

What is available for the different makes & models of machines. Can I? Can't I? Add this to my machine, and What does it do?
11.Pattern Conversion Passap/Pfaff to Japanese Machines

You like a pattern but can't knit it on your machine, why not? Perhaps you can! Knowing the language off both types of machine will be of great use to you.
12.Weaving & Plating
Discover the advantages of Weaving for heavier fabrics, Plating to introduce a second colour with a flair and makes a more stable finish.